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Tree Removal & Tree Care

Image by Jan Huber

Our certified arborists and tree professionals are highly skilled and experienced, offering you peace of mind for your tree removal projects, large and small. 

Fully licensed and insured, Brothers Tree Service safely removes any size tree from your property. We pride ourselves on a thorough cleanup of all worksite debris after a safe tree removal. We leave your yard looking as good as it did (and sometimes better) than it did before we started.

What’s the typical process of removal from start to finish?

  • A job done right starts with a phone call to Brothers Tree Service. Give us a ring!

  • We will set up a time that is convenient for you to meet with one of our ISA Certified Arborists.

  • Every home and tree removal project is different. We will work with you to create a personalized plan and pricing proposal based on your unique needs.

  • We'll email you your detailed proposal. This is a great opportunity to review the project, ask any follow-up questions, and request changes.

  • Once agreed upon, we will schedule the work to be done. We often schedule projects by location, but we are happy to discuss any special timeline requirements you may have.

  • We handle the rest. If utility companies need to be contacted, we will handle that too.

Big or small, you can trust Brothers Tree Service's professional arborists with your tree removal projects. We are proficient and experienced in working around structures and properties of various sizes. We offer the expertise and tools necessary to complete any task swiftly, securely, and effectively. Brothers Tree Service specialists are fully insured and have an impeccable safety record. 

Our tree removal experts not only have a deep understanding of the intricate nature of tree removal, but we are highly skilled in equipment usage as well. We use a wide range of tools and have the expertise to create the best strategy and plan for finishing your tree removal operation. To remove your trees swiftly, safely, and with the least amount of damage to your property, a variety of tools are employed, including grapples, cranes, lightweight, lawn-friendly self-propelled lifts, specialist climbing and rigging equipment, wood chippers, dump trucks, log trucks, dump trucks, and more.

Our workers are committed to safety, trained to work in hazardous areas, and trained to recognize safe and unsafe work zones.



Tree Removal

Land Clearing

Invasive Species Mitigation

Brush and Wood Chipping (3"-12")

Stump Grinding
(2" to 11" below grade)

Remove Stump Grindings

Refill Depression with Black Dirt

Grind and Level Pre-existing Stumps


“Of all man's works of art, a cathedral is greatest. A vast and majestic tree is greater than that.
Henry Ward Beecher

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