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Tree & Plant Healthcare

Image by Jan Huber

Spring is around the corner and 2023 is shaping up to be one for the books! Brothers Tree Service proudly presents the Plant Healthcare division to our beautiful northern Michigan coverage area. Jack Polus, MSU alumni, will lead the Plant Healthcare division for the 2023 growing season and beyond. Since 2015 Jack has been committed to plant healthcare offering extensive field experience. He is excited to continue proactive arboricultural management and retroactive treatment when intervention is necessary.

"The biggest of things can have the smallest of beginnings."

Jack has knowledge and field experience in a variety of chemical treatments in residential tree care and forestland management. We are proud to offer systemic trunk injections, foliar sprays, and deep root fertilization. Healthy trees have a variety of benefits in heating and cooling costs, air quality, aesthetic enjoyment, noise pollution, erosion control, improved mental health etc.

Highly motivated and eager to share knowledge and information, the Brothers Tree Service Plant Health Care division hopes to help new and old Brothers Tree Service clients with diagnosis, management, and treatment of Michigan’s wide variety of pests, pathogen, and abiotic limitations. Proper diagnosis is critical and understanding tree species- and species-specific pests and pathogens is our top priority.

Get Started with a Custom Consultation

The first step for anyone interested in utilizing our tree care services is boots on the ground and an initial arboricultural consultation. This allows us to put professionally trained eyes on your trees and notify you of present issues or potential future ailments. Soil analysis and branch/material sampling are also available to again provide statistical laboratory confirmation of pests, pathogen, or nutrient deficiency.

Brothers Tree Service values sound management goals and long-term management strategies with its customers. We pride ourselves in determining good tree candidates for treatment versus poor tree candidates where a difficult judgment call needs to be made for removal and replacement. To fulfill our responsibility and duty as arborists, it is essential to establish transparent communication with customers and achieve clear homeowner management goals and expectations. We desire to spread this knowledge rather than try to sell any poor management strategy. We deal with trees every day and will provide our recommendations on tree care as if the tree were our own.

Call or email us to schedule a comprehensive walk around and a management plan written up to suit your goals. This provides tangible documentation on findings and a one-on-one interaction with an ISA Certified Arborist. Email with questions, concerns, or consultation requests. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your arboricultural goals.


Tree & Plant Health
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“A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity
Alexander Smith

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